SAS Tips & Tricks

SAS Tips & Tricks

From beginner to advanced users, SAS professionals everywhere can turn to the SAS Training Post Tips & Tricks Blog .

The SAS Training Post is where you’ll find tutorials, tips and practical information to help you become a better SAS user.

Here are some recent posts:

Enterprise Guide: Suppress Output Data Tab When Programming

Have you ever waited a bit for SAS Enterprise Guide to display the Output Data tab when submitting a SAS program that generates multiple output tables?  Or, perhaps your program only generates one big output table but it takes a little while for it to surface on the Output Data […]

DATA STEP text file tricks

When reading a text file (common extensions: TXT, DAT; or, for the adventurous: HTML) with the DATA STEP, you should always view several lines from the text file, and compare to the record layout, before completing the INPUT statement.  There are many ways to view a text file.  […]

Weird PROC FREQ trick

Default PROC FREQ output looks like this: Suppose you don’t want the two cumulative statistic columns above.  No problem.  Those can be suppressed with the NOCUM option on the TABLE statement, like this:
proc freq; table product / nocum; run; […]

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