February 2017 Meeting

February 2017 Meeting

First meeting of the new year

Our next HASUG meeting will be on Thursday, February 16 at UCONN Farmington Campus from 8:30 am (coffee and conversation) with speakers from 9:00 am onwards.  The event is at the Cell and Genome Sciences Building, 400 Farmington Avenue, Farmington, CT (map).  Parking is free, but please park in locations marked as Area 3.  When you pull into the driveway, turn right and drive past the building.  There is a large parking lot there.

Once again, we have a speaker from the Southeast SAS Users Group, which serves numerous states in the southern US, and he will be offering two talks:


Parsing Useful Data Out of Unusual Formats Using SAS®

This presentation will address some techniques that can be used when we are not dealing with cleanly formatted data, when the data we want is in a less-than-ideal format, perhaps intermingled or seemingly buried with unnecessary clutter. It will discuss the principles of using SAS® to parse a file to extract useful data from a normally unusable source. This will be accomplished by citing examples of unusual data sources and the SAS Code used to parse it.

Working with Character Data

This presentation will address character data from multiple vantage points. For example, what is the “default” length of a character string, and why does it appear to change under different circumstances? What sort of formatting is available to us for character data? How can we examine and manipulate character data?..

Andrew T. Kuligowski

Andrew T. Kuligowski has been a SAS user for well over 25 years, and is currently a Manager for HSN in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Andrew was conference chair for SAS Global Forum 2012 in Orlando, Florida, and co-chair for SESUG’97 in Jacksonville, Florida and Tennessee SAS Users Day in Knoxville, Tennessee. In his spare time, Andrew can also be found volunteering at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa.

There will be a second speaker from UCONN:

Deb Patruzzo: SAS Programming and Data Management Class

Deb Paturzo, MS is a Research Associate at UConn Health with over 30 years of experience in the Department of Community Medicine and Health Care.  As part of her responsibilities, she has taught in the Graduate Programs in Public Health for 10 years. She will discuss how she implemented a flipped classroom in her MPH class called “SAS Programming and Data Management”, including some key concepts of the flipped approach, how it works, downsides and benefits.

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